Chlamydia, is a curable sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis.
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Chlamydia infection is very common among young adults and teenagers. However, many people do not know that they have chlamydia, because they maybe infected but show no symptoms. Chlamydia is transmitted through sexual contact (primarily vaginal or anal) with an infected person.

The main risk factors for chlamydia include: Engaging in unsafe sex, having sex with more than one partner, being in a sexual relationship with someone who has multiple sex partners. You can reduce your chances of becoming infected with chlamydia by avoiding risky sexual behaviors. If you have recently been treated for chlamydia infection, you must make sure your sex partner or partners also receive treatment in order to prevent getting infected again.

About 75% of women and 50% of men with chlamydia have no symptoms of infection. In women, symptoms of chlamydia may include: An unusual vaginal discharge; Bleeding after intercourse; Bleeding between menstrual periods; Abdominal or pelvic pain. In men, symptoms may include: Discharge from the penis; Burning with urination; Swollen or painful testicles. Symptoms may appear within one to three weeks after being infected.

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