Anorexia is a relentless pursuit of being thin. It’s a condition characterized by unusual loss of appetite; patients who suffer from this psychiatric disorder starve themselves believing that they are overweight while they are almost skinny.

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Weight loss is sometimes below 15% of the person’s body weight. This disorder occurs in young age and adolescent girls are more affected than boys. The patient tries to loose weight in several ways for example not eating, taking laxatives and vigorous and excessive exercise. These people have a phobia of becoming fat and this is the main reason for the development of their extensive dieting habit. They display strange behavior like refuse eating in public.

Most of the patients belong to Elliot class or to such fields where maintaining a slim figure is an essential like dancers, theatrics and runners. The characteristic features include body weight inconsistent with age and sex, height and built usually 15% or even below than normal limits, at least 3 missed menstrual cycles in women and low sexual drive in men, anxiety weakness, brittle skin and hair and obsessive about low calorie intake.

The consequences of this sort of dieting result in shrunken bones, mineral loss, low body temperature, irregular heart beat, permanent failure of normal growth, development of osteoporosis and the intestinal muscles worn out because of the excessive intake of laxatives. Another disorder called bulimia nervosa is also associated very closely to this problem, in which there is an episode of binge eating and after that the patient vomits out intentionally to lose the calories. Anorexia and bulimia can be fatal. Anorexia can also occur as a symptom in some other diseases such as liver dysfunction as in hepatitis or cirrhosis and in malignancies.

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