ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder, while ADHD is ADD with hyperactivity. These are neurological disorders.

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Some children and young people suffer from an inability to focus their attention and control their impulsive behavior. Such children tend to be extremely disorganized. They tend to constantly misplace their things and to be generally scatterbrained. Children with ADD tend to be shy, while those with ADHD are hyperactive and tend to throw violent temper tantrums

Most experts believe ADHD results from a problem in the part of the brain, which controls our impulses and our capacity to concentrate. Many professionals use the term "Hyperkinetic Disorder. This disorder is most commonly found in boys. Symptoms usually start when a child is a toddler, and always before they reach age 6 or 7, Children who have ADHD are restless and can’t sit still or do one thing for very long. They are easily distracted. Because they find it so hard to pay attention, they may often be criticized for being careless and making too many mistakes at school.

They appear not to listen when someone is talking to them, find it hard to wait their turn and can be disruptive in their play, but it is important to understand that just because a child is naughty or defiant or aggressive it does not always mean that he or she has ADHD .

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