Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder is diagnosed when a person suffers from at least two unexpected panic attacks, followed by at least 1 month of concern over having another attack.
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Panic Disorder

When an individual goes through a panic attack they feel like they are having a heart attack. The heart palpitations convince the person that they are about to have an attack. Other people feel that they are going to lose control of themselves and will do something embarrassing in front of other people. Others breathe so quickly, gasping for air, that they hyperventilate and feel like they will suffocate from lack of oxygen.

A panic attack typically lasts several long minutes and is one of the most anguishing conditions a person can experience. Some of the symptoms of a panic disorder are, dizziness and lightheadedness, chest pains, flushes or chills, tingling in the hands, feet, legs, arms, sweaty palms, flushed face, terror, fear of dying or fear of going crazy.

The occurrence and severity of a panic attack varies from person to person, a person may suffer from repeated attacks for weeks, while another will have brief bursts of very severe attacks. The sufferer frequently worries about the physical and emotional consequences of the Panic Attacks. Many patients think the attacks points to an undiagnosed illness and will they submit themselves to many medical tests.

Even after tests come back negative, a person with Panic Disorder will stay worried that they have a physical illness. Some patients will change their behavior in the hopes of preventing having another attack.

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