Arrhythmias are abnormal rhythms of the heart. They cause the heart to pump blood less effectively.

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Most cardiac arrhythmias are temporary and benign.  Most temporary and benign arrhythmias are those where your heart skips a beat or has an extra beat. The occasional skip or extra beat is often caused by These occasional changes can be brought on by strong emotions or exercise. Nonetheless, some arrhythmias may be life-threatening and require treatment. Arrhythmias can be divided into two main categories ventricular and supraventricular.  Supraventricular arrhythmias occur in the heart's two upper chambers called the artium.  Ventricular arrhythmias occur in the heart's two lower chambers called the ventricles. 

Many types of heart disease cause arrhythmia.  Coronary disease is often a trigger.  It triggers arrhythmia because coronary heart disease produces scar tissue in the heart.  This scar tissue disrupts the transmission of signals which control the heart rhythm.  Some people are born with arrhythmias, meaning the condition is congenital . Atherosclerosis is also a factor in causing arrhythmia. Other medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure also are factors. Furthermore,  stress, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and some over-the-counter cough and cold medicines can affect your heart's natural beating pattern.

During a 24-hour period about 20% of healthy adults are likely to have multiple types of premature ventricular beats. Are you one of them ? Keep yourself clued-up.

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Arrhythmias are disorders of the regular rhythmic beating of the heart. Find out what you need to know about this condition.

Arrhythmia - Texas Heart Institute Heart Information Center
Any irregularity in your heart's natural rhythm is called an arrhythmia. ... Fibrillation, the most serious form of arrhythmia, is fast, ...

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