Although found in many plant and animal tissues.

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Histamine is specifically important in human bodies because it is one of the chemicals released from certain cells upon tissue injury, or during a spar of foreign material (antigens),s by certain types of antibodies. Released histamine tends to dilate blood capillaries, often causing the skin to appear red and feel warm, and makes the capillaries more permeable, allowing fluid to escape into the tissues. This causes swelling, usually manifested as rapidly appearing hives, accompanied by severe itching. This sort of reaction is common to many allergies, such as food allergies, and the symptoms can often be controlled well with antihistamines Unfortunately, histamine is not the only substance released under these conditions, and some allergies, particularly chronic ones such as asthma, are resistant to antihistamine therapy.

Allergies are caused by the body’s immune system reacting to allergens as if they were harmful. The immune system does this by making antibodies to fight off the allergen. Antibodies are special proteins made in the immune system to fight off viruses and infections that could harm us.

When the body comes into contact with an allergen, the antibody released is called Immunoglobulin. This antibody causes other blood cells to release more chemicals including histamine, which causes the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Histamine causes most of the typical symptoms that happen in allergic reaction:

  • It makes muscles contract, including those in the walls of the air tubes of your lungs.
  • It increases the amount of fluid that is released from small veins, so that membranes swell.

It increases the amount of mucus produced in your nose lining and causes local itching and burning.

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