Some people who suffer from heartburn tell others they are suffering from indigestion.

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Although they have similar triggers, and treatment may be the same in many instances, indigestion isn’t the same thing as heartburn. Compare for yourself. Indigestion is a condition, and heartburn occasionally is a symptom of indigestion.

Indigestion is a vague feeling of discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen and chest, including a feeling of fullness and bloating, accompanied by belching and nausea. Occasionally, heartburn is one of the symptoms. It is a common problem, and can be triggered by several things. These include eating particular foods, chocolates, drinking alcoholic or carbonated beverages, eating too fast, too much, eating fatty or spicy foods, drinking too much caffeine, or eating too much high-fiber foods.Some of the other obviously common causes that result to heartburn are:

Eating within 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime
Lying down with a full stomach can cause stomach contents to press harder against the LES, increasing the chances of refluxed food.

Wearing tight fitting clothing
Clothing that fits tightly around the abdomen will squeeze the stomach, forcing food up against the LES, and cause food to reflux into the esophagus. Clothing that can cause problems include tight-fitting belts and slenderizing undergarments.

There are several that are the most frequent causes of heartburn. Finding out what these are can help you make changes in your lifestyle and habit so you can prevent the heartburn from happening.

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