Head Injury

Bumps and knocks to the head are quite common, particularly among children.

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Head Injury

As long as the person is conscious, and there is no deep cut or damage to the head such as broken bone, then there is usually no damage to the brain.

However, with any head injury there is always a slight chance, that a blood vessel in the brain could have been damaged. This may cause internal bleeding in the brain (haemorrhage) and it can take a long time for symptoms that are noticeable, to develop. Head injuries can cause symptoms hours or days later, so people who have had a head injury need to take special care.

Severe head injuries mean that the brain has been damaged. Despite the protective bone covering of the skull, the brain surface can get torn and bruised as it bumps against the skull, and blood vessels and nerves can get ripped. Any of these injuries can cause bleeding, swelling or build-up of fluid in the head, putting great pressure on the brain and sometimes causing brain damage. Brain damage caused by a head injury is usually referred to as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Head injuries are either closed or penetrating. A closed head injury is when a blunt object hits the head, but in a penetrating injury the object breaks through the skull and into the brain. Concussion is a type of closed head injury, when the brain is stunned by the blow and the person passes out (becomes unconscious) for a short.

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